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They'd rather bounce ASAP than watch a relationship go downhill.

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  • They want to know you’re deepest, darkest secrets..
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This leaves people they ghost scratching their heads, especially since Virgos can seem SO into the relationship at first. Virgo when you do something that bothers them vs Virgo doing something that bothers you pic.

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Try appealing to their sweet nature. Symbolized by the scales, Libras are constantly trying to find harmony and balance within interpersonal relationships.

A post shared by air sign queen fakeasslibra on Sep 3, at pm PDT. Let them know you support their social obligations. Libra wants to attend six back-to-back happy hours? Scorpios have a bit of a reputation.

Which Scam Are You According To Your Sign?

While not all astrological stereotypes are true, they are intense and people need to be careful with them. They protect their heart at all costs, which makes them an expert ghoster. Tag a Scorpio scorpio scorpioseason astrology zodiacsigns zodiac zodiacmemes scorpiomemes astrologymemes memes. They will absolutely watch your Insta stories long after you called it quits.

Symbolized by the celestial archer, Sagittarius is all about exploration, adventure, and discovery.

1. It did kind of feel like time stopped when Lana took to Twitter to confirm she was a Cancer.

Embrace their roaming tendencies. They definitely know how to let loose and have fun, but when it comes to dating, the end needs to justify the means.

  1. But they also expect you to be a mindreader.!
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  6. Be very clear with what you want early on so your Capricorn can determine whether the relationship is feasible on their end. This earth sign really appreciates honesty, so when in doubt, always lead with the truth. Passionately humanitarian and highly intellectual, Aquarians are revolutionaries. GEMINI Ghost towns , at the base of old mountains, houses with shutters like eyes and doors like mouths, swallowing stories whole, convenience stores still stocked with stale bread, cabins and headstones still peeking out from behind fairy wood brambles, nature stretching into steel, ready to come alive with a shift of the wind.

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    CANCER: Abandoned motels, empty pools filled with deflated flamingos, the sign out front screaming VACANCY forever, each room a different anthology of guest book tales, smashed television monitors and a love note or goodbye note caught up in the rust of the honeymoon suite. LEO: Abandoned theaters , stages dented with the ghosts of performances past, torn scripts scattered across floorboards in a mess of Playbills and shattered eyeglasses, broken lights and tattered dress hems, mannequins poised at an eternal act one.

    VIRGO Abandoned train stations , cars sprayed in a kaleidoscope of graffiti, drifters still starting fires in some of the shells, grass growing over old gears, ghost conductors with no destination, rails intersecting at odd angles like flowers and bones. CAPRICORN Abandoned toy stores, broken pinball machines, ghost clowns, and popped balloons, playing cards stuck to the floor, a crooked house of childhood horrors, teddy bears bleeding stuffing, and a funhouse mirror distorting the distorted.

    Vesta in the second house Dedicated to: Manifesting material abundance, finding security for yourself and your loved ones Thus sacrificing: Simple pleasures and comforts. That said, Cancer friends always have your back. Cuddling is a must.

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    If you need a friend to impress your parents with politeness and a naturally easygoing vibe then call a Cancer!! They will make you look like you have your life together more than you actually do!! A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis on Aug 9, at am PDT. The Gemini one sent me?.

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    Also when is a Virgo ever wrong? The cancer one, because Cancer are so intuitive they really expect other people to be the same, but not everyone is a mind reader.

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