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New to AstroSage? Sign Up. Forgot Password? Forgot Username? The planet Venus is also known as the master of demons. There are numerous mythologies surrounding this concept. One such story claims that Shukracharya wished for a special boon from Lord Shiva, and as a result of that, became the owner of all properties on earth and heaven. This is the reason why Venus Shukra is known as the Lord of not only property, but medicine, herbs, and mantras as well. On the other hand, as per Vedic Astrology , Venus is a very beneficial planet and considered to be the significator of love, marriage, and materialistic amenities and worldly pleasures.

Where on the one hand, Venus is the Lord of Taurus and Libra , on the other, it is found in its exalted state in Pisces and debilitated state in Virgo. In the same vein, it is friendly with the planets Mercury and Saturn , while the Sun and the Moon are considered its enemies. The time period of a Venus transit is 23 days, which means that this planet stays posited in a zodiac sign for this many days at a time.

Coming to the natives who are in love, this planet is also the perpetrator behind an increase in the romance in their lives. Such natives are advised to wear a Six-faced Rudraksha , so as to save them from the effects of a weak Venus.

Venus Transit 12222

Remedies for Strengthening a Weak Venus: Click here to read. Now, this planet will be transiting in the zodiac sign Aries on Friday, 10 May , at during the evening, and will remain posited in the sign until Tuesday, 4 June , at am in the morning. Hence, let us learn about the effects of this Venus transit on all 12 zodiac signs. This horoscope is based on Moon Signs.

Discover yours here: Moon Sign Calculator. Venus transiting in your own sign will be especially beneficial for you, as the planet is posited in your first house, i. This transit will not only help make your personality more appealing, but will also add to your beauty. You will be successful in making your place and a novel identity in the society, in this time, as people become attracted towards you. The time is good for love matters as relationships will become sweeter and as a result, Aries natives will be able to spend beautiful, joyous moments with their lover.

On the other hand, married natives will also be able to receive the complete support of their spouses. Working professionals will make progress at work and may also look forward to a promotion.

Venus in Aries Makes Every Relationship Waaay Clearer Now

Remedy: Offer shringar or beauty items to Goddess Mahalakshmi on Friday for special benefits and gains. As Venus transits in your twelfth house, the time will prove to be not that beneficial for the Taurus natives. During this time, you can face some physical problems, however, you can also spend much of your time enjoying worldly pleasures and amenities.

Economically, there can be a sudden increase in your expenses, and you may also have to spend money in legal and court cases. You can go on a foreign trip or a work-related long trip can also be on the cards. This transit of Venus in your eleventh house will prove to be moderately beneficial for Gemini natives. Economically, this time is going to be beneficial for you as some of you can expect an increase in your income, and you will come across various chances of promotion and advancement at work. You can stumble upon some special gains with the help of a foreign source or a female friend.


The transit is going to be especially beneficial for Gemini film actors and artists. Natives can get to spend time with their kids, while those in love will be able to receive the support of their partners. In addition to this, time will prove to be fruitful for your spouse, and your activeness in social works will also increase. Venus will transit in your tenth house, which is your Career or Profession house.

As a result, you will be successful in progressing in your workplace, and your better performance will help you gain new heights. During this time, a particular person can get impressed with your lifestyle and your way of working, and some of you may even get a new vehicle.

The companionship of a female friend can prove to be especially beneficial for the male natives of Cancer. Your family life will be normal during this time and you will get to spend good times with your near and dear ones. This transit of Venus in your ninth house will bring mixed results with it for the Leo natives. During this time, you can bring changes in your workplace and may also get a chance to go on a long-distance trip. As for your family life, you can get some special benefits from your siblings, and financially too, you will get ample help from your family.

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This transit will offer you an increase in your respect socially, as well as the complete support of your spouse. Fate will be on the side of Leo natives and your luck will shine like gold. In addition to that, you can also look forward to a significant income in this duration. Remedy: Offering kheer rice pudding to little girls on Friday will be beneficial for you. Venus will be transiting in the eighth house of Virgo natives. This position of the planet creates a probability of financial losses for you, therefore you need to be careful in your expenses.

Take special care about your food and eating habits, and try to eat only healthy food as much as possible. This Venus transit can bring you good news pertaining to your career, that you never even imagined. On the whole, this transit will not be that beneficial for Virgo natives.

Venus enters Scorpio

This transit of Venus in your seventh house brings with it a new chapter in the love life of Libra natives. You can come across someone, with whom, you may fall in love at first sight. While the company of their spouse will prove to be beneficial for married natives, however, small fights over little matters are also probable between you two.

During this transit, try to spend your free time in such tasks that will get you profits in the future. Healthwise, this time period is fruitful for you, and you will be full of energy which will get you great benefits at work. In short, this Venus transit is going to prove especially beneficial for Librans.

As Venus transits in your sixth house, the time period will bring mixed results for Scorpio natives. Your status in the society will rise and the hard work that you did in the past will reap you rewards now. Travels are signified in this transit both short as well as long including foreign trips as well. This is a challenging period and you may go through mental stress during this time. Expenditures will be on the rise and your health is at risk.

Remember Venus is said to be responsible for making a person diabetic. So take necessary precaution especially if you are at an advanced age. Be cautious of what you eat. If you are having any dispute related to an ancestral property then you will see things turning in your favour.

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  • Work hard during this transit to make things turn from negative to positive in your favour. Maintain a pious lifestyle both during this time as well as in your life in-general anyways. Chances of getting married are clearly there for you and if you are already married then this will be good time for you but do remember to take care of the health of your life-partner. If you are pursuing a job then promotion is on the cards and so is an increase in income. You will find a distinct upliftment in your broader personality and levels of confidence during this time.

    Transit of Planets in , Panchang - Shrivinayaka Astrology

    Those who are in the fields of politics, media and entertainment will see significant gains in their career. Although Venus is considered as 'Karak' beneficiary even in the 6th house but still you need to remain cautious of enemies and any long term ailment that you have been suffering from. If you are in a job then beware of your colleagues and those who are trying for a government job through competitive entrance exams, will get success during this time.

    One who wants to visit foreign lands will get the full support of Venus and this is a great time to connect your business with foreign lands also. Marriage proposal is on the cards but things might not seem smooth in the beginning but will eventually prove to be beneficial for you in the times to come. An increase in your luxuries is seen during this transit but be wise while spending money on them and do not go overboard. This period is good for you.

    If you are in the field of art, then success is poised to come your way. Any problems that you are facing from the side of your children will be resolved during this time. Gain of wealth is very much signified by Venus. Plus, those who are in a relationship and want to cement their relationship through marriage, this is a brilliant time to do that. However, couples who are in love must be cautious of any misunderstanding creeping into their relationship during this period as it can dampen the sparkle of love.

    If you are looking to sell a property at the best price, then this is a very favourable period to do so. Change of residence that will be beneficial, is signified during this transit.

    Sun enters Scorpio

    You may witness holy and pious activities taking place at your home and the environment will be full of joy. Monetary situation will be strong for you and this is also a favourable period to go for the purchase of a new house or vehicle. Venus will bring growth in your career and you will get the support of your seniors and people at high administrative posts. You will get success in all endeavours by your courageous approach. Relations with your younger siblings with be pleasant and there might be short but overall beneficial travels that you might undertake.

    You will get more inclined towards spirituality. Here, Venus is signifying pious celebrations at home. Venus will bring a sudden inflow of money in your life.