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Would be a complicated mother. Scorpio man: Sexy. I find them sexy. He just knows how to show what he wants you to show.

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Whether is it sexiness or anger or joy… He just shows it in the best way possible. Scorpio woman: Like a scorpio man. She can be really sexy but on the other hand she can pretty much be the messiest woman in your life. Shows you what she wants to show you. Sagittarius man: where. Would do anything to keep it. Dont trust him too much. They are decieving but are kinda okayish. Sagittarius woman: Honestly, she doesnt give a fuck what anybody thinks.

Especially if she was a kid being bullied at a young age than she would show them who they messed with. She is really smart but can sometimes think really selfishly. Capricorn man: Sex. All he thinks about.


And money. How to get money. He is actually a really good person loyal like any other earth sign to trust with finances but God never trust him with a girl. Aquarius man: Pff… Be careful of those. He grows confused and doubtful. Aquarius woman: So insecure but so goddamn beautiful. Ever, never. She is emotional af.

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Cries at everything but she is also really tough. She will never tell you whats wrong.. But you can guess when it is when she starts distancing herself from you. Pisces man: Those charming motherfuckers. Lovely smiles but can be a prick sometimes so be careful of those. Pisces woman: Either really open or very reserved. They can really make your day better with everything they do but they can also piss you off by being too naive and with their moods.

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They are really confused and not deternined and that can be really annoying when picking somewhere to go or what to do. In all situations, the Scorpio always have a good frame of mind. Sagittarius can sometimes be hated by others because they exude their confidence too much. Capricorn are attracted by those who often return to the charge. They love their determination. Originally posted by smeccea. Aries, you live in the fast lane and are constantly racing to be number one. Take a little time to slow down, catch up with yourself, and take part in an activity that has no first or last place.

That constant rush can be stressful on you, especially when people begin to expect more and more from you because you work so quickly. Originally posted by lets-catch-some-waves.

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Taurus, you are a naturally sensual person, so what better way to relax than just laying back and taking in calming scents like lavender, chamomile or some nice floral scents? Just remember to be careful with using essential oils around pets, as they can be harmful to the pet! It is best to do this in a closed off room without the pet. Originally posted by cozycupofcoffee.

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Different themes and different cultures can be learned through these books, which makes it perfect for you, as you are very open minded. Originally posted by surelytomorrow. Cancer, you are a very nurturing sign and enjoy home-based hobbies considering your values on home life, which makes gardening a great self-care activity for you. Originally posted by pink-soap.

Leo, as the king of the jungle, you would rather be treated to a full relaxing spa day.

This will allow you to both take care of yourself and spill some tea while doing so, maybe even catching someone spilling some tea themselves. Originally posted by adventurelandia.

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Virgo, you tend to pay attention to small details and get stressed by clutter. However, if you have people in your life that just want to start constant drama left and right, it might be best to drop them. This may also attract some better people and maybe even help you better yourself, considering you are a mirror of the people you are around! Originally posted by butteryplanet. Scorpio, you have a lot of secrets kept within you. At the same time, sometimes the way you manifest your emotions can be a little confusing to others, as you tend to do it in a different way. A diary should be able to help you express and release any emotion that you may have without any confusion.

You can also trust the diary can keep your secrets safe, as it can be kept hidden, under lock and key or even have pages burned if you choose to do so. Originally posted by gajo Sagittarius, you value freedom at the top, so you need to go out and explore to really de-stress.

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You need stimulation and some outdoors space, so this activity can really range from pondering and thinking during a small walk or a full trip. Originally posted by dailyarianagifs. Capricorn, you can be really pessimistic sometimes. Show yourself and the world a little bit of love, and have a jar or a few pages on a book dedicated to self-love affirmations and some positive things about the world, like your friends, family, accomplishments and just little beauties of the world like sunsets and flowers.

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Originally posted by justalittletumblweed. What better way to fulfill this than by volunteering at a local organization? The best part? Originally posted by glamdeth. Pisces, you are well into the arts and even know what music you like from a young age. Jupiter in the 1st house shows that this planet plays an important part shaping your personality.

A 1st house Jupiter is broad-minded and optimistic. You focus on the brighter side of life. You are honest, trustworthy, and benevolent, and for these, you are well liked and popular. On the negative side, Jupiter here can make one too self-indulgent, extravagant, or conceited.

Being the planet of expansion, you may have to deal with a weight problem. Anyway, this position increases your self-confidence and gives you a somewhat dignified manner, especially as you grow older. You are likely to have strong religious or moral convictions. This gives you the capacity to become an authority or a leader in whatever field of endeavor you select. This may be especially so in activities relating to religion, education or social development.

Jupiter in the 2nd house playing an important part shaping your attitudes toward money, material issues, and your sense of worth. Anyway, you are a fortunate person regarding money and property. This placement can have a negative side in that you may spend about as freely as you earn, and you may have a tendency to overextend yourself in a financial sense. Self-doubts that may be expressed elsewhere in the chart, evaporate when it comes to making and spending money. Keep reading. Aries - thinks about jumping out the window but realises they are living on the 10th floor jumps anyway.

The fear of making the wrong choice can lead to indecision, which can lead to stagnation. Trust your instincts in order to make decisions more easily. Your brain is always in motion, and you have the potential to feel emotions very deeply. Try to stay balanced and keep things in perspective to avoid moodiness.