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He had many enemies, but so did FDR and other Presidents. If Oswald was involved in this assassination, was he symbolically trying to kill his own father Saturn symbolism?

After all, he grew up without a father, his father having died before his birth. And Saturn was rising right at the assassination. In parallel fashion to the assassination, Oswald is born with Chiron the maverick; outsider in the first house in a water sign. Notice that he was also born with a very tight Mercury-Mars square, in fixed, power signs, an astrological signature of his periodic temper-tantrums and violent streak. One way or another, whether assassin or patsy or somewhere in between, it appears that Oswald—or someone born on his birth date—was involved in the shooting of President Kennedy.

I have always felt this and the Progressed maps for both men at the assassination—perhaps to be shared at a later date in this magazine—bear this out. As we close for this time, consider the following. Perhaps this had something to do with the disastrous end of the JFK presidency. Will we solve the enigma of his life, death and meaning for America? And it was following the death of JFK that Richard Nixon made his comeback, leading to more national division and the Watergate scandal.

And in the s we have all suffered through the shame and pains of the Clinton scandals. Frail at that time, speaking during an extremely chilly day in Washington, D. All rights reserved. We also give thanks to the unknown source who, many years ago, provided the old newspaper and photos, also utilized in the artistic production of our cover. View Original Article here. Dateline January 28 — 29, based on a discovery on Thursday January 19, , one day before the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States :.

As I see it, there is a five-fold reason why transiting Eris conjunct natal Sedna in the birth charts for hundreds of millions of people born in the s and s at the present time is so important:. These are far-away celestial bodies that represent Collective Forces which have always been influencing human beings for eons, but their archetypes and meanings have been kept largely hidden and often distorted.

Eris and Sedna have only been recently discovered and to be able to even place them in charts, with accurate zodiacal positions, could only have occurred within this very brief, mathematically dynamic time-period in human evolution. These two slow-moving planets usually impact generations rather than individuals, but their deeply profound and psychologically sensitive themes resonate with how Humanity and the Earth need to cope with thousands of years of repression of the Feminine Principle.

Finally, the conjunction between Sedna for Donald Trump and Eris at the Inauguration was precise, and anything in astrological analysis that is exact carries extra significance far beyond the event itself.

The short and recent history regarding the discovery of celestial bodies beyond Pluto is that several planets have been found — one of which was Sedna back in November and then Eris in January , along with a couple of other far-away orbs as well. To understand this a little more deeply, it is important to understand the fundamental mythological story lines of Eris and Sedna.

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Eris was a goddess in ancient Greek mythology — considered to be the sister of Mars and representing strife and discord. A major reason she symbolized these disturbing qualities is that she was not invited to a wedding gathering of the couple who would later give birth to the great Greek hero Achilles. This led to the Trojan War — something that billions of people for millennia have read about and explored, in childhood stories and, in our modern era, through many films. The myth of Sedna is far-less recognized, but equally crucial to understand. She is considered a goddess or maternal-ruler of the deep ocean in Inuit mythology of the indigenous people who have lived primarily in Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

While a variety of myths are associated with her mighty presence, in a major version it is her father who behaved in a very stern and negative manner toward her and her desire to have a certain amount of freedom in choosing a marriage partner. Ultimately, when she disobeyed her father, he doomed her to a horrific submerged existence at the bottom of the ocean, but where she befriended wonderful sea-creatures like dolphins and seals, and became a vital emissary of the Life-Force of the universal Water Element on our planet.

It is important to realize that former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were both born in the summer of like Donald Trump.

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Therefore, they are also experiencing the transit of Eris on their natal Sedna positions, and even though Hillary Clinton was born in late-October , Eris is also very closely conjunct her natal Sedna at the present time. It is fascinating to note that there is a fairly new series of APPs on the market that is quite popular with those people who enjoy playing games online and with their computers, iPads and mobile phones. Thus, somehow the potency of Sedna and Eris, and their mythological archetypes, are already reaching into the depths of young people playing with high-tech devices.

In the midst of all the mammoth transformative changes now affecting Humanity and all of Life on Spaceship Earth, it should also be noted that we are nearing the end of an approximate year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, that take place every 20 years, in earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Thus, they are mere beginners — and troubled ones at that — in attempting to voice and express views that will need to be tempered, changed, and eventually re-adapted in major ways as humanity hopefully survives during the next two centuries. Important : I plan to write more on this subject and will cover the above topic in forthcoming Podcasts on Earth Aquarius News.

Uranus rules revolutionary acts and behavior, as well as demonstrations against constraints and authoritarian policies, and everything associated with airplanes and air travel. The prominence of Sedna and Eris — with Eris impacting Sedna for everyone born in the s, s, s and other generations in the decades ahead — relates most definitely to the vast stirring in America and Humanity of strongly feminine, nurturing, familial, healing, and holistic-type themes that are required for a new harmony and balance to arrive on Spaceship Earth and prevent the destruction of our beautiful planet because of thousands of years of authoritarian male-dominant governance.

Click here to view charts and original article. The academy award-winning film Titanic has just been re-released to the public in 3-D.

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Many of my clients and students have asked me to focus on the Titanic once again. I wrote a cover story around in Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine linking the Titanic sinking to the precise start of World War I two years later with the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Compared to that feature, there is now a more precise-timing mechanism for the Titanic sinking. At the end of this article, you can click on a weblink to see a color chart for the place in the North Atlantic and at the exact time the iceberg struck which was the ship time of pm on April 14, but converted to GMT which was am on April Here are the extraordinary keys to understand the symbolism of this historic disaster and tragedy.

Juno in Sagittarius is the only stationary body and rising. Juno connects to the ritzy, elegant lives of the super-rich on board, but Juno negative is atmospheric storms or raging emotions and jealousies represented by hitting an iceberg in a misty and moonless sky, and the following frantic fighting concerning who survives on the limited number of lifeboats. Juno stationary on the Eastern horizon also stands for the need to primarily save women and children — both major Juno archetypes since this ancient goddess ruled feminine themes as well as childbirth.

The rising sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the largest planet and associated with large-scale events — including catastrophes , but Jupiter is retrograde and having just gone into the 12 th house of the unknown and mysterious. One way to interpret this is that Captain Edward John Smith born January 27, of the Titanic is not accurately seeing the Big Picture Jupiter of the iceberg just ahead because Jupiter is in reverse and located in the hard-to-decipher 12 th house. Notice the ancient god-of-the-seas Neptune in the 8 th house of death — representing the confusing several hours where people and the ship are sinking into the ocean, with approximately dying by drowning and hypothermia out of the total of 2, passengers and crew.

What was totally unknown in was a Pluto in Gemini not yet discovered fills in a nearly precise T-Square triangle with rising Juno and the Moon below in Pisces; b by the time of the sinking, the Moon had just squared Pluto, and gone void; c and, in an extraordinary example of our 21 st century greater depth of understanding, the far-out planet Eris located way beyond Pluto was conjunct the Moon in Pisces. Eris was the Greek goddess who cursed the parents of Achilles for not being invited to their wedding and feast.

She led the Greeks to the Trojan War. Thus, Eris — when dynamic and strongly placed — stirs up wars, particularly big ones. In my cover story from , I discussed that the symbol of the Titanic sinking in was the precursor to European civilization falling into and creating a World War two years later. The smoking-gun proof was as follows:. The South Node of the Moon has always been considered a weak, vulnerable and karmically-sensitive point in any birthchart.

Then two years later — when the Archduke heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne is assassinated in Sarajevo on June 28, , known as the shot heard round the world that precipitated the First World War on July 31 — Aug. The Moon for European Civilization is 23 Pisces where Mercury has just stopped in the sky now, as the film is re-released in 3-D and the Titanic Moon was 25 Pisces, so that — relative to the birth of European Civilization — there was a Lunar Return in Pisces on the night the Titanic sank.

And, of course, Pisces is the last water sign of the zodiac — often signifying compassion, empathy and sacrifice. It is a chilling reality to see these kinds of connections — using charts from A. The many photos of the ship — that flooded the multi-media at the start of this year — evoked memories of the sinking of the Titanic years ago. This tragic event in the Mediterranean Sea happened on the rare day when Mercury was uniting with underworld-ruling Pluto and while Venus was uniting with ocean-ruling Neptune, as well as during the monthly Moon-Mars union — often a symbol of volatility, violent death, and reckless actions.

In conclusion, read this quotation from a story about the Costa Concordia and tie this in to the sinking of the Titanic years earlier as well as the start of World War I in Europe in , and the birth of European Civilization in A.

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A Special Closing Note about Captain Edward John Smith : A careful look at his birthchart from January 27, shows a stunning connection to major planetary positions at the sinking of the Titanic. The contacts are so strong that it is fairly clear that, in many ways, his energy-field is a giant synchronistic cause of the disaster along with the original sailing of the ship from Southampton, England, shortly after Noon on April 10, when the Moon was in a severe void placement at 30 degrees of Capricorn.

At the moment the Titanic hits the iceberg, transiting Uranus in Aquarius shock waves; surprises; the unexpected bolt out of the blue; topsy-turvy conditions is exactly due East on what is known as the Anti-Vertex. In addition, he is a Sun-sign Aquarius and thus immediately enters a state-of-shock due to his Sun-sign ruling planet Uranus being precisely East. Furthermore, his Saturn at 4 Aries is the identical placement with transiting Venus at the sinking and his natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction a highly provocative and intense union from 22 Aries to 26 Aries exactly encapsulates the potent Sun — Mercury retrograde conjunction at 24 — 25 Aries at the time of the sinking.

Several solar flares happened this past weekend, but a giant one happened late on March 6. The strongest ever recorded was in — when only the telegraph system was established. Now we have almost everything electronically and technologically connected, so if the Sun were to blast us too intensively, the Mayan prophecies might just prove correct… Update: Two more solar flares both coming from the very active Sunspot exploded today — March They will be sending more waves of CME particles to influence our magnetic field over the next few days and in concert with Mercury making a station at AM PDT on March 12 and turning retrograde for 3 weeks.

Dateline Saturday October 8, However, our unexpected and truly shocking victory over the British between and , which changed the course of all future revolutions on our planet, is our truest and deepest legacy. After the discovery of Uranus, the British and European sky-watchers were thrilled that the seemingly unchanging solar system of Sun, Moon, five planets and assorted fixed stars now included a radical-change agent, since the finding of Uranus opened a door to vast new horizons that could be explored in the universe. Even if their styles of leadership and political philosophies were different, they looked to the exploits of our Founding Fathers for the inspiration needed to change the governmental shape of their own homelands and overthrow oppressive or imperialist powers.

Revolutionary Rumblings in the Past Three Years What people and the press have referred to this year as the Arab Spring — due to numerous revolutionary movements for human rights in dictator-controlled Arab countries — is really misnamed because it is too narrow in scope. We can go back to the very day of the election of Barack Obama over John McCain November 4, as the birth event for this modern overthrow of military-industrial-corporate power, greed and manipulation by the few haves over the many have-nots.

On November 4, , the planet Uranus in Pisces made the first of five oppositions to Saturn in Virgo. Uranus-Saturn oppositions only happen around every 43 — 44 years. These polarities in the zodiac — lasting until July, — were then taken over by three divisive, Jupiter-Saturn oppositions followed by three potentially uplifting, Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions all happening from May, , to March, And it was on January 4, that Jupiter — the largest planet in our solar system — uniting with Uranus in late-Pisces, made the revolutionary and radical nature of the first of the outer planets bigger, stronger and more explosive within humanity.

On that fateful day, a devastating earthquake and tsunami shook Northeastern Japan — simultaneously creating a nuclear power plant disaster that is still unresolved. Uranus rules Uranium and, as such, is the key planet associated with the fission process and the hazards of radioactivity. Ten days later — on March 21, — the closest Sun-Uranus merger in the last years occurred at the Zero Point of the zodiac 0 degrees of Aries. The reason is that the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere acts as a birthing moment for the month cycle of what will come afterwards.

Fast Forward to September-October Now that we know what is behind this revolutionary fervor, a key question remains: Why is the current Occupy Wall Street protest gaining such a rapidly-spreading following? The answer comes from a remarkable astrological synchronicity.